What inspires us to do our best

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We want to give the best education to help our students’ achieve their future career goals. We are excited to share one of our former student’s experiences who studied with us. Patti Korkidas completed our Early Childhood Education & Care course in August 2017 through our online study option. Her experience, as we happily quoted from her, was a very …


My young daughter is definitely a scientist

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Once again over the weekend she told me that she was going to conduct more experiments. These experiments involved carefully measuring, pouring, and re-pouring milk and water along with some additional flavours (cherry tomatoes!) thrown in for good measure. The final concoction was something I absolutely was required to drink as my daughter informed me it was a) ‘very tasty’ …


Is the disability sector ready to meet the needs of clients?

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$22 billion. It’s the kind of figure that attracts attention. It’s a once in a lifetime policy reform that is now currently being rolled out nationally. The policy has been welcomed with open arms by those in need; clients with special needs who require support for their disabilities. It now puts people with disabilities firmly in control over their lives, …