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We utilise a range of the latest technologies to deliver innovative training solutions that correspond with every student’s needs. Whether you choose to train online, face to face, on the job or via a mixed mode, Linx Institute has a flexible solution to suit you. We customise our training to ensure it is relevant and focused on best practice principles.

Technology and Innovation Linx Institute


With the use of Canvas, a cloud based Learning Management System (LMS), we are positioning ourselves at the forefront of education technology. Canvas uses the latest technology to simplify the learning experience and increase interaction, allowing for an engaging and exciting learning platform. With access from a variety of devices including computers, laptops, tablets and mobile phones, Canvas boasts a clean and simple interface allowing for easy navigation and use at all times. The LMS can be accessed by all students and encourages communication between students and tutors via a variety of methods including personalised notifications, blogs, videos and audio recordings.

Other features include:

  • Interactive calendar, which can be shared between students and tutors highlighting any important dates such as assessment deadlines.
  • Graphic analytics to monitor student’s progress and set specifics goals, tailoring the learning experience to individuals and their needs.
  • Web conferencing. Students can watch lectures in real-time with the use of the latest audio, video and whiteboard technology.
  • Easy access and submission of course material allowing for a quick and smooth grading process.

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