International Students | All You Need To Know About Studying In Australia

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CRICOS or the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students is the legitimate online portal of the Australian Government where anyone can get information on the current lists of all recognised Australian education providers as well as the courses or programs being offered to international students wishing to study in Australia under the student visa category. As a …


The Latest Childcare News In Australia (pt IV)

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The question of whether working fathers should spend more time raising their children has always sparked a huge debate in Australia. As of late, Work+ Family Roundtable Network has made contributions to the debate by indicating that working hours should be capped to 38 hour per week. This way, working mothers and fathers will be in a position to set …


The Latest Childcare News in Australia (part II)

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It is not uncommon for debates and arguments to reign in public forums on the idea of men participating in childcare. In recent news, the debate took a different twist when, TODAY show host, Lisa Wilkinson, commented on the statements made by opposition leader, Bill Shorten, regarding women in childcare. Shorten had previously argued that men in Australia depend on …


The Latest Childcare News in Australia

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Research conducted by the Queensland University of technology disclosed recently that many early childhood educators do not possess essential nutritional knowledge. As such, they cannot help prevent obesity in the younger population. The leader of this research explained that failure to eat well in the early years can eventually lead to obesity later on in life. Regrettably, most of the …