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There are a number of accommodation options available for students looking to study with Linx Institute. Request our Overseas Student Handbook or call us on (+61)2 9114 8988 for more details or to arrange a placement.

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One of the most popular accommodation options for international students studying in Australia is Homestay. This option provides both short and long term accommodation solutions where students live with families in their home at a reduced cost of around $185 – $245 per week.

There are many Homestay providers operating in Australia, which will vary from full board (2-3 meals per day) to part board (no meals provided). The most common arrangements for Homestay will usually include a furnished room, two or three meals per day and bills (excluding telephone and internet).

Homestay is a great first option for new students as it gives you an opportunity to stay in a safe and convenient location whilst meeting new people. If you are interested in Homestay contact Linx Institute on (+61) 2 9114 8988 to arrange a placement.

For students with connections in Australia staying with them provides a great way to experience the Australian culture whilst you study. Your friends or family can also provide advice, support and encouragement throughout your time in Australia.
Sharing accommodation with like minded peers offers a fun and affordable option for international students. Opportunities can be found in local newspapers and on specialist accommodation letting websites such as and
The rental market offers a wide range of housing options. Signing a lease on your own for an apartment, flat or house can offer you an independent lifestyle and privacy. Most rentals will require an upfront bond (usually one month of rent) as well as the following expenses:

  • Regular rent payments
  • Utility payments (electricity, gas, phone, internet)

You may opt to share with other students, which will help manage the expenses. Rental properties can be found by visiting estate agents of looking on websites such as and

Hotels, Motel & Backpacker Hostels

Generally, the price you pay for accommodation will determine its quality. It can, therefore, be expensive to stay in a good quality motel or hotel for a long period of time. Backpacker accommodation is relatively inexpensive, but does often require you to share a room with other backpackers.

A list of temporary accommodation in Australia can be found on

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