International Students | All You Need To Know About Studying In Australia

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Ranked as the third most popular study destination in the world for overseas students Australia is recognised for its unique landmarks, breathtaking scenery and enviable weather. In addition to all of this, Australia also renowned for its quality education, offering you the chance to obtain qualifications that are recognised throughout Australia and highly regarded throughout the world.
With our continuous mission to help, educate and provide student assistance to all individuals we have highlighted relevant information to ensure your entry as a student to Australia is hassle free.

What is CRICOS?

CRICOS or the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students is the legitimate online portal of the Australian Government where anyone can get information on the current lists of all recognised Australian education providers as well as the courses or programs being offered to international students wishing to study in Australia under the student visa category.

Why is CRICOS important?

As a foreign student, CRICOS plays a vital role in ensuring your chosen school, university or college is a registered and recommended member. CRICOS serves as a regulating body and requires all educational institutions in Australia who are accepting international students to be a member and must also strictly comply with the requirements set by the National Code of Practice intended to protect the rights of overseas students studying in Australia.

What are the requirements for international students?

Individuals who have plans of studying in Australia as an international student must comply with these requirements in order to be granted a student visa:

English language skills requirement

All international students must pass the English language skills examination in order to obtain a student visa.

Academic requirements

Other vital requirements for international students are academic focused. Of course, academic requirements will vary between each education provider and may also depend on your chosen field of study and English language skills test score. Overseas students are required to show proofs of their academic performance and other capabilities when applying for a course. For those planning to take a vocational training courses on VET, institutions aren’t required to undergo entrance tests, however certain pre-requisite subjects are assessed as well as work related experiences.

Visa requirements

As a foreign student, entry into Australia requires a visa. Below are the general requirements for student visa application:

  • Valid electronic Confirmation of Enrollment Certificate
  • Applicant must pass the genuine temporary entrant requirement
  • Proofs of financial capacity to live and study in Australia
  • Medical requirement (health and character)
  • Acceptable Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)
  • What are the types of visas available for foreign students planning to study in Australia?

Below is a list of available visas granted to students depending on their chosen course or study program:

  • Subclass 570 (Independent ELICOS Sector) this is available for students wishing to take a stand alone course and not a pre-requisite leading to another course.
  • Subclass 572 (Vocational Education and Training VET Sector) this is for foreign students wishing to take a technical or trade course leading to Certificate I, II, III or IV, Diploma or Advanced Diploma.
  • Subclass 574 (Master and Doctorate Sector) this is for foreign students taking a course at a university leading to a Master Degree, Diploma or other formal recognition.

Linx Institute are a CRICOS registered education provider and, as such, offer Certificate and Diploma courses to overseas students wishing to study with us. Students of Linx Institute benefit from our commitment to providing outstanding training and support services as well as strong partnerships with employers. Our experienced and qualified staff are dedicated to providing you with the best education you can have, assisting in developing your educational skills as well as offering practical guidance ensuring your time in Australia is enjoyable and beneficial.

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