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We want to give the best education to help our students’ achieve their future career goals. We are excited to share one of our former student’s experiences who studied with us.

Patti Korkidas completed our Early Childhood Education & Care course in August 2017 through our online study option. Her experience, as we happily quoted from her, was a very positive one. Patti explained to us that she benefited so much from our online modules which she described as “very easy to follow”.

“The study notes were comprehensive & the questions in each assignment helped me develop a practical knowledge and approach to realistic scenarios they are likely to be encountered in an early education setting.”

“I received an incredible amount of encouragement and support from all the staff at Linx, especially my tutor Molly, whom I couldn’t thank enough.”

Our passion is to help people become educators and carers. Patti has so much more confidence discussing a child’s progress and developmental needs with their parents and creating learning programmes for her class of toddlers. She has earned the respect of parents and fellow educators with the knowledge and insights she gained through her study with Linx Institute.

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Patti’s story inspires and re-energises us to keep working hard to provide the best education for our students. Her new career began when she completed a Diploma of Early Childhood Education & Care at Linx Institute. If you would like to study an area where you can make a personal difference, or start on a rewarding career path in Child Care like Patti, contact Linx Institute today.