Get the most out of your work placement in Community Services

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Volunteering your time within the community services industry can have unlimited benefits towards helping you achieve your dream career within the field. As a volunteer you not only get a feel for the job, but also make valuable connections and enhance your skills set whilst with firsthand experience. The value of volunteering in a community services role therefore is extremely beneficial to both helping you complete your studies and get ahead when it comes to applying for jobs. With the help of our student advisors, students of Linx Institute are placed within a community services organisation to complete a work placement, allowing them to enhance their studies and remain one step ahead when it comes to applying for jobs. Below we have highlighted the key things to consider whilst completing a work placement to ensure you get the most out of it:

Determine the issues that are important to you

Volunteering in areas that you are passionate about will make the placement fun and worthwhile. Consider the opportunities available and gauge whether they will help gain experience and skills in your areas of interest. At the same time, identify the skills that you are able to offer during your placement and the ones you wish to work on. That way, you will have the drive to complete your work placement with enthusiasm and passion.

Focus on your career goals

Volunteering within the community services industry should help you in your career development. In fact, the skills and experience that you acquire during your work placement are likely to help you in the job market. For these reasons, write down your career goals and compare them with the work placement opportunities available.

In addition, ensure that you are committing your efforts to a reputable organisation. It will be meaningless to work in organisations that do not have high levels of transparency and accountability. Potential employers and universities may hesitate to recognise experience from such organisations. As such, take your time to research before making applications.

Think outside the box

You don’t have to go for the obvious option when selecting your work placement. Rather, aim at finding opportunities that many have not considered in the past. This way, you will have fun with opportunities to stand out from the crowd, displaying a sense of initiative.