How To Boost An Employee’s Morale In A Childcare Business?

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One of the most contributing factors to the successful operation of your childcare centre is your staff. The way you treat your employees often reflects in their performance at work, meaning if your staff feel under appreciated, their productivity is likely to be lacking. In order to avoid this you should make it your goal to boost your employee’s morale and foster a happy workplace, following these tips in your day-to-day dealing with your employees.

Tip #1 – Say “Thank you” for any job well done

Recognising an employee’s worth in your childcare business can be portrayed in simple gestures like a word of praise for a job well done. No matter how simple it seems, saying “Thank you” will go a long way and create a huge impact on the employee’s moral while working.

Tip #2 – Set a special day to recognise top performing employees

Another effective approach to increase the level of morale of staff members is by setting aside a special day in a week or month to recognise an employee’s dedication and hard work. The time taken to show your gratitude will make your staff members feel appreciated and let them know that their hard work does not go unnoticed.

Tip #3 – Give rewards to the employee of the month

Giving rewards is another strategy to boost an employee’s morale. You can announce certain criteria when selecting the best childcare employee for the month. This strategy will encourage the awarded staff to remain efficient in his or her assigned role in your childcare centre. Aside from that, fellow employees will also be inspired to follow the same route in order to become a suitable candidate for the next award.

Tip #4 – Connect with employees on a personal level

Managing a childcare business can be quite tough, that’s why you need to hire the best team who are ready to give 100% commitment to your business whilst providing excellent childcare and education. The most effective way to encourage employees to love their work and value your business is by connecting with them on a personal level. Make an effort to learn the special events happening in your employees’ lives such as birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and other occasions important to them. Send greeting cards, simple tokens or useful gifts that they would love to receive.

Tip #5 – Provide team building activities

Improving an employee’s morale can be achieved through team building activities. With careful planning and assessment, schedule a day where your employees can take timeout from work, have fun and participate in worthwhile team building sessions. If you don’t have the expertise to organise a team building event, consult an event organiser whose specialisation is focused on team building activities.

Tip #6 – Equip employees with the right tools and education

This next tip is perhaps one of the most useful ways of improving your employee’s morale. By providing the right tools and relevant training your staff will be more efficient within their assigned roles and responsibilities. Linx Institute provides a range of nationally recognised childcare courses that are designed to increase knowledge on the latest childcare trends, teaching techniques and practices vital in a childcare setting. Courses can be studied in a classroom or online, meaning that the working day need not be disrupted. Visit // for more information.