Commencement of revised National Quality Standards – 2018

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From February 1, all states and territories around Australia implemented the revised National Quality Standards.

The National Quality Standards sets a high benchmark of quality care to be provided in all early childhood and outside of school hours services around Australia. Outcomes for children still remains the centre of everything services do in the revised NQS.

Related NQS changes starting from 1 February 2018:

– There is a new rule for determining the Exceeding NQS rating for quality areas. All standards within a quality area must be rated Exceeding NQS for that quality area to be rated Exceeding NQS
– There is new guidance for services and assessors on determining the Exceeding NQS rating for standards. The guidance unpacks the difference between the Meeting NQS and Exceeding NQS rating levels for standards

Click on the links below to access the updated guide to NQF and Comparison between current and revised NQS.

1-Guide to NQF
2-Comparison Between Current and Revised NQS