5 motivational techniques to help you remain focused whilst studying online (1)

The Best Places to Pursue Your Online Studies

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One of most enticing things about studying online is the opportunity to study anywhere at any time. For those of you about to begin your online course, we have highlighted the top places for you to pursue your studies, providing you with the perfect places to concentrate. The chance to study within the comforts of your home is the most …


Are you ready for online study? Take this quiz to find out!

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Are you considering online study, but not sure if you are quite ready? Take a moment to consider the below questions to determine if now is the best time for you to enroll onto an online study course with Linx Institute. There are many reasons why many individuals planning to return to education choose an online study program. Amongst the …


The true benefits of finishing an online course

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Online education has been the chosen mode of study for many career oriented people who wish to progress within their current career or move onto a new career path. Studying online allows you to continue with your current responsibilities, providing you with the opportunity to develop your skills at a time and pace that suits you. Below are some of …

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How To Stay Ahead With Online Study

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Now that you have enrolled with your chosen online course, your biggest concern now is how to stay on top of your study schedule. Procrastination is a big “No”, especially if you have other priorities aside from being an online student like work and family commitments. Without prior planning the balance of responsibilities you have at the moment with the …

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How To Find The Best College for Leadership and Management Training

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Attaining a qualification in Leadership and Management is a wise move for anyone wanting to acquire a senior position within their field. The Diploma of Leadership and Management provides graduates with essential leadership, communication, organisation and management skills required to successfully lead a team. With so many benefits to acquiring a Diploma in Leadership and Management, how should you actually …


Six Study Tips For Online Students

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Completing your studies online offers you the chance to learn in your own time and at your own convenience. Nevertheless, to get the best out of it, you must consider the following tips: Pertinent activities in online studies include course work submission, getting involved in discussions, accessing the library and communicating with the instructors. If you are a student of …


What Employers Really Think About Online Study

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Major concern students have when considering online study is the value and opinion of the course from potential future employers. For your peace of mind, assuming the online course is a nationally accredited one, online study courses now have as much value and accreditation as those studied in the classroom. With many top performing colleges, such as Linx Institute, extending …


What to Consider When Choosing the Best Online Training Organisation

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One of the main factors you must look into when scouting for the right online institute is the organisation’s accreditation status. Make sure your chosen online institute is fully accredited and recognised by the Australian educational body. Courses that are nationally accredited will display the Nationally Recognised Training logo, which can be seen on all Certificate and Diploma courses provided …