Nanobots not predicted to teach our kids… yet

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After several months as CEO of Linx Institute, preparing students for a career in the early childhood education and care based industries, I’ve had time to reflect on what’s happening out there in the ‘real world’. I also want to take share some interesting data about these high-growth industries. The future looks bright for job prospects in these key industries! …


Little sister inspires passion for education

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Student: Ebony Slater Study path: Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care at Linx Institute. Inspiration: Family. Ebony had always loved looking after her younger sister. At 16, she realised that this passion could lead to a fulfilling career and she began to research study options within the Early Childhood Industry. Why Linx Institute? Ebony checked out her local TAFE …


The Latest Childcare News In Australia (pt IV)

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The question of whether working fathers should spend more time raising their children has always sparked a huge debate in Australia. As of late, Work+ Family Roundtable Network has made contributions to the debate by indicating that working hours should be capped to 38 hour per week. This way, working mothers and fathers will be in a position to set …


7 Inspirational Case Studies For Child Care Students

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The opportunity to make a real difference in your career is a valuable asset and one of the many benefits that come with working in childcare. Various case studies of professionals in the industry demonstrate that dedication, passion and hard work is a must-have for child care workers. We have highlighted some of our favourite and most inspirational case studies … (1)

How To Boost An Employee’s Morale In A Childcare Business?

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One of the most contributing factors to the successful operation of your childcare centre is your staff. The way you treat your employees often reflects in their performance at work, meaning if your staff feel under appreciated, their productivity is likely to be lacking. In order to avoid this you should make it your goal to boost your employee’s morale …


The Latest Childcare News in Australia (part II)

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It is not uncommon for debates and arguments to reign in public forums on the idea of men participating in childcare. In recent news, the debate took a different twist when, TODAY show host, Lisa Wilkinson, commented on the statements made by opposition leader, Bill Shorten, regarding women in childcare. Shorten had previously argued that men in Australia depend on …

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New and Innovative Approaches to Child Care Training

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Early childhood is arguably the most important part of a child’s life and requires care and education provided by a professionally trained child care educator. Quality training of the workers within this industry ensures that children grow and develop accordingly. Fortunately, any child care centre willing to provide staff with relevant and ongoing training, ranging from online diplomas to a …