Robot Aged Carers Are Coming For You

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There’s a war being fought right now – robots versus humans. The prize? Providing aged care services to the ever-growing global population in need of these. The census data released earlier this week already has over 600,000 Australians over the age of 75. In the red corner, we have the Japanese, who are standing behind their robot carers. In the …

Why teamwork is crucial in the healthcare services

Why Teamwork is Crucial in the Healthcare Services

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Those working within the healthcare industry will be well aware of the responsibilities, obstacles and most importantly, rewards that come with complex cases of patients needing professional care. Effective teamwork, therefore, is vital in this kind of organisation, beginning with the person holding the highest position and throughout the entire team of healthcare workers. If you are in-charge of a …

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The Changing Trends in Aged Care

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Statistical analysis discloses that the number of the elderly in Australia will outnumber the youths and children in the near future. Accordingly, aged care workers will be in high demand throughout the country. A student must, therefore, embrace some of the current and possible future trends in aged care in order to deliver excellent services. Below are some of the …