A Day In The Life Of A Social Worker

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Tina wakes up at 6am every day. As a single mother, she has to ensure that her two young children get to day care before boarding the bus to her office.  Upon arriving at the office, a few clients are waiting for her, each with a range of issues and queries for her to answer. Her job involves offering guidance and counselling to clients seeking child welfare services. She must, therefore, arrive at the office ready to listen and attend to each client effectively. Her employees are supportive enough to ensure that she works as efficiently as possible. For instance, before arriving at the office all the files required for the day are neatly arranged on her desk.

Numerous Activities; One Social Worker

From 9.am, one client after another narrates their stories to Tina in desperation. Some have financial constraints while others are taking care of orphans yet not aware of the legalities of the process in the country. Others are in need of some moral support. Fortunately, Tina has plenty of experience in the field. She has a Masters Degree in Human and Community Services and a Diploma of Community Services from Linx Institute. She also networks with other service providers such as paediatricians and lawyers in Australia. Furthermore, Tina has been conducting her own research on cases of child abuse or neglect for over five years. It is for these reasons that her organisation has grown in depth within three years.

Tina does not only assist clients who visit her office, but she also visits different childcare centres to render services once every week. She is occasionally invited to different functions to talk to professionals about child welfare. By the time Tina calls it a day, she is tired yet fulfilled.

Walking the Same Path

Typically, Tina’s story is narrated by many social workers. There are always many tasks to accomplish and different needs to meet on a daily basis. As such, the workers must be experienced, trained and passionate about their work to be effective. They must also embrace team work since it is not possible to do-it-all alone. It is indeed, a demanding job. Newly qualified social workers or students in college wishing to walk the same path as Tina must embrace the challenge, prepare accordingly and check their attitudes towards employment to reap the countless benefits that come with working in social care.

Tina’s journey began by completing a Diploma of Community Services at Linx Institute. If you would like to inspire people’s lives the way in which Tina does, begin your journey towards a rewarding career in Community Services by contacting Linx Institute today.