7 Inspirational Case Studies For Child Care Students

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The opportunity to make a real difference in your career is a valuable asset and one of the many benefits that come with working in childcare. Various case studies of professionals in the industry demonstrate that dedication, passion and hard work is a must-have for child care workers. We have highlighted some of our favourite and most inspirational case studies in Australia below:

Ann Marquand – Alice Springs Aboriginal Community

Ann Marquand, manager for the APY lands has been working in the child care sector for six years beginning her career in the Alice Springs Aboriginal Community and has since played a major role in the field for close to six years. She is mandated to ensure that child care centres in her community comply with the National Quality Standard.  In 2013, she was one of the privileged people to have attended the Australian Children’s Education and Care Quality Authority Conference in Sydney. Here, she acquired the necessary skills in child care service delivery. More so, she has had a chance to network with other teachers in the field.

Coralie Williams – Bush Mob

A second influential person for those working in child care is Coralie Williams. She grew up in Hermannsburg but relocated to Alice Springs in search for a job. She enrolled in a training program and acquired certificates in early childhood education. She further gained working experience at the central Australian Aboriginal congress. With time, she got a job with Bush Mob, an organisation that cares for kids from 14-17 years with drugs and alcohol related problems.

Anthea Kane – Birralegal Goodni

The third case study is that of Anthea Kane, a childcare educator at Birralegal Goodni preschool. When she first started working, she did not know her anyone in her environment. Nevertheless, she never looked back despite the challenges. She was later integrated with the community through various events.  Similarly, the fourth person working in childcare field, Tarsha Howard, works in an environment where cultural differences pose a range of challenges. The early childhood graduate works in a remote Abangu Community as a teacher. Though she sometimes feels isolated, she has had a chance to interact with other educators and in the process shared experiences and ideas with them.

Joyce McLaughlin – YMCA, Hidden Valet Preschool & Nathalie Gorey

Joyce McLaughlin is another highly influential individual working in child care. As a single mother of seven, she has to jungle many roles and yet excels at each of them. She loves her job and has worked at YMCA, Hidden Valet Preschool, and Nathalie Gorey preschool in Aboringila congress. She has attended various conferences to enhance her interpersonal skills. Her passion is to educate communities on the need to send children to preschool. To achieve this, she hopes to advance her studies in child care.

Marquis Hepburn – Clipper Road Children’s Centre

Our next child care worker’s story is unique. Marquis Hepburn has been encouraging males to get into the female-dominated child care field. He indicates that though it was tough for him from the onset, he was supported by the team he worked with and has since acquired skills to help him in the career. He is passionate about child care and is already taking a diploma in early childhood education. He works at the Clipper Road Children’s Centre.

Melinda Wren – Basin Preschool

Melinda Wren is highly passionate about child care. She works as a teaching director at the Basin Preschool in NSW. She has over ten years of experience in the field. She inspires others to take the same path indicating that it is one of the ways of leaving a legacy in life. She also states that child care is one of the most vital careers globally.

Mellissa Harpur – Noah’s Shoalhaven Early Intervention Centre

Mellissa is passionate and persistent in striving to make a difference in child care. With initial intentions to open an art and craft centre, Mellissa’s goals shifted once she saw an advertisement for a Diploma of Children’s Services, which she could not pass on. Once she completed her studies she landed a causal job at the Culburra and Districts Preschools. She further enrolled for a Bachelor of Education at Wollongong University. It was here that she was partnered by Aunty Deb as a mentor. During her third year, she completed her work experience at Noah’s Shoalhaven Early Intervention Centre. She now works as an early childhood education teacher for the centre with plans to take a master’s degree in the field.

These case studies demonstrate that anyone can be an influence and make a real difference in the child care industry. All you require is a passion for child care and skills gained from obtaining a qualification. Take a look at the child care qualifications that can be studied at Linx Institute and become an inspiration for the children in your care.